Buslogic 956c + INND Problem...

Buslogic 956c + INND Problem...

Post by Scott Do » Wed, 13 Mar 1996 04:00:00

>  : I am running the Dec 31, 1995 Buslogic driver with 1.2.13.

>  And I think the driver version is the same as well.
>  The latest Buslogic drives can tell you a LOT about your SCSI systems.
>  ftp.dandelion.com I think...


Those drivers aren't the "stock" Buslogic drivers that come with
the 1.2.13 kernel.

Here, the old drivers on the Buslogic were chewing up the disk -- switching
to the new drivers was like night and day.

Something else to consider:  compare the ext2 directory error
handling in 1.2.13 with 1.3.10 or better.  Some conditions
that would panic ext2 in 1.2.13 are detected and handled in
1.3.10+.  For instance:

  EXT2-fs error (device 08:10): ext2_find_entry: directory #3305809
    contains a hole at offset 2048

In 1.2.13, I'm pretty sure that error would panic ext2.  With
later kernels, you can move the directory to lost+found, and tar
it back into place, with everything mounted and running.



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