USB modems and Linux - feedback

USB modems and Linux - feedback

Post by Stephen Jarrett-Spragu » Sat, 24 Feb 2001 04:53:48

Just got some feedback from Zoom Technical Support and ELSA Technical
Support on which if any of their USB modems are supported under linux.

Zoom Modems

Summary:  Are any of you usb modems complient with the USB communications
device class ...

At 02/21/2001 10:13 AM we wrote -The only usb model that is known to
work at this time is the model 2985 USB Dual Mode. This was only
tested with SuSE Linux 7.0. No tests have been done with the 2.4
kernel at this time. There will probably be more support in the
future as we further develop our v92 series of modems.

R. Hubbard
Zoom Technical Support.

ELSA modems

We actually don't make any Linux support.
However the Microlink 56K USB  is supported by the standard ACM driver and
Kernel 2.4.0.

The test has been made on SuSE 6.4

But the Fun edition of this modem hasn't been tested yet.


Didier Lambot