Mouse Systems optical mouse on linux?

Mouse Systems optical mouse on linux?

Post by Brian McCra » Thu, 18 Dec 1997 04:00:00

Does anyone have one of the Mouse Systems optical serial mice working
under linux sucessfully?



1. Mouse Systems Optical Mice supported by Linux 2.0 kernel?

Linux Gurus:

Are the Mouse Systems optical mice (serial, 3 buttons) supported by
Linux 2.0?  I see that "Mouse Systems" is supported (according to
Hardware-HOWTO on tsx-11), but is that their optical mouse?  They told
me on the phone today that it is not, but perhaps they are too lazy to
test it.

Any info is appreciated.  Thanks.


Dale Fried

Dale Fried, proud husband-to-be of DIANA FANTI

77 Massachusetts Ave                    617-253-4863 (phone)

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