Q: Jumper settings on Diam.Sup.Exp. 56i v.90?

Q: Jumper settings on Diam.Sup.Exp. 56i v.90?

Post by Wrait » Mon, 03 Apr 2000 05:00:00

Hello to all!

My question involves proper configuration of the jumpers (if any) on a
Diamond Supra Express 56i (internal ISA) modem.  I've looked at a couple of
the modem-compatibility sites, and while this modem is not specifically
listed, there are other similar Supras listed there.  Hence I assume it
should work.  I also ran a search & found a chat-board post from an
individual regarding his use of this same modem----he has not responded to
an email query, so no luck there.

The problem is this---there are 7 jumpers on the board (A0 - A6) but no
clear labeling of their function.  The modem is PnP under Win9x, showing up
as COM3: IRQ5  address 3E8.  However, all attempts to address it as ..S2 or
S02 under Linux fail.

Linux is correctly seeing the onboard COM1: COM2: ports, so I think the
Linux configuration is not at fault.

My question is: Does anyone have a listing or know the URL for a list of
these jumper assignments?  I'd like to manually configure the modem--I
suspect it's not responding because there isn't a specific IRQ/address being
reported.  The info I'm seeking doesn't appear to be on the CD with the
modem drivers, and I found diddly-squat on the Diamond site.

Oh, not that it should matter, but my system specs are:
Mandrake/RedHat 7.0

96Mb Ram
SB -Live
Voodoo 3 PCI
-the afore-mentioned Supra Express 56i v.90sp ISA modem

Everything else is working great (except my HP 820cxi printer--need to
install the ppa-ps conversion).  Any and all suggestions are welcome.  If
there is something more obvious that I'm overlooking, please feel free to
respond/flame.  It just kills me that I have to reboot to Win9x to

Many thanks in advance,


Q: Jumper settings on Diam.Sup.Exp. 56i v.90?

Post by Wrait » Mon, 03 Apr 2000 05:00:00

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Linux?  I can dial into my ISP through minicom and log in manually,
starting the PPP session but I can't seem to get my pppd to connect
properly.  I suspect my PPP setup is not right (they use CHAP
authentication, which complicates things) but I had heard some time ago
that some SupraExpress modems used shared memory for buffering data,
causing it to be incompatible with Linux.  Is this true or am I barking
up the wrong tree?

Thanks for your time,
Roy Grimm

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