Multipe Display adapter

Multipe Display adapter

Post by Elmar Hane » Sat, 08 Apr 2000 04:00:00


can you give me some hints which disiplay cards can be used with the
multi-screen facilities of XFree86 4.0?



1. restore and multipe VGs on a single tape

How do you restore a particular file or filesystem from a tape
containing multiple volume groups that was archived using savevg?

I understand 'restvg' restores the entire volume group and 'restore'
restores a specific file or filesystem. By using this:

    restore -xf /dev/rmt# ./path_of/file_or_filesystem_to_restore

Can AIX determine which volume group to search for/restore from a tape
containing multiple volume groups?

(please dont tell me to get sysback or storix ... thanks...:)  )

thanks very much...:)
Murphy's Law says that the system will fail as it's
writing a backup tape, so you better not depend on
one tape. --> Unix for Dummies

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