Multisession CDRoms

Multisession CDRoms

Post by Daniel Try » Wed, 06 Nov 1996 04:00:00

A couple of days ago I appended a second session to one of my
CD-Recordables. Everything was accesible in dos. When I mounted this disk
with Linux I noticed that only the first session was visible.

After taking a look at the sr.c, the cdrom is a Toshiba 5401 scsi-2 on a
ncr810, I noticed that according to the comments in the .c file that Toshiba
should support multisession.

After turning on the debug in sr.c I saw that the driver recognized the cd
as a multisession disk but it just doesn't set the density correctly. The
disk contains 2 sessions (after it was finalized) and each session contains
1 iso9660 image. Is there a way to force sr.c to recognize the second
session? Does the multisession part of sr.c support non photocds? Or does
this problem only occur with recordables?



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The problem: I've got a Plextor PX-8XCS (8-x SCSI CDROM) where the
drive supports multiple sessions. However I can't get the multisession
stuff to work. When I mount the CD, either automatically upon boot
from the entry in /etc/fstab or manually via mount I only see the
first session.

My entry in /etc/fstab looks like this:

/dev/scd0       /cdrom  iso9660         ro

Is there any way to access the second and following sessions? (All of
the sessions on the CD are data of course)

For your reference: I'm running Linux Slackware, Kernel 2.0.27.

Thanks much in advance for your help,


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