adaptec ava-2825 support ?

adaptec ava-2825 support ?

Post by Lars Barup Sorens » Sat, 04 Jan 1997 04:00:00

as subject says, according to faqs I've read it's not supported, but it
might have changed ?

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adaptec ava-2825 support ?

Post by Volker Schmi » Sat, 04 Jan 1997 04:00:00

LBS> as subject says, according to faqs I've read it's not supported, but it
LBS> might have changed ?

Yep. It's supported. I used one in those times I had a VL machine.

Use the aha-152x SCSI driver in a recent kernel. When you have
the ava-2825 bios enabled, it should find the adapter.


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1. Support for Adaptec AVA-2825

Howdy Matt,

Try adding the following at the boot prompt:

boot: linux aha2825,address,IRQ,SCSI ID,
Substituting the correct parameters for your device. All the parameters
may not be necessary to recognize your device, e.g. My initial boot look
like such:

boot: linux cdu31a=0x340 aha1542=0x330,buson sbpcd=0

Thus, linux would use my Sony CD, my AHA 1542 SCSI as bus mastering, and
disable CD probing. Since I use lilo I appended my lilo.conf file with
the following:
        append = "cdu31a=0x340 aha1542=0x330,buson sbpcd=0"

Remember to run lilo before rebooting!

Hope this helps,
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