#9FX Motion 531 Graphics Card

#9FX Motion 531 Graphics Card

Post by Peter R. Thorsen J » Thu, 07 Dec 1995 04:00:00


I am gonna bite the bullet and install Linux on my pc at home.  All of
the things I have read so far have warned me about using Xfree86 and
making sure that my video card is supported.  Well, that is what I am
wondering.  Is the above card, using the "S3 868" chipset supported by

Please bear with me and my "newuser" questions.  I just want to make
damn sure that what I have will work with Linux.

Any and all help GREATLY appreciated.

Please send e-mail (listed below)

Thanks in advance,



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1. #9FX Motion 531 Graphics Card


I am going to install Linux on my pc at home and from all of the things
that I have read thus far everything keeps telling me to make sure that
my video card is supported if I want to run Xfree86.

Well, that is precisely what i want to know.  Is it?  I have also read
that there is an "S3 Xserver".  Does this support the #9FX Motion 531
card and where can I get it, along with the config file for my card?

Any and all help greatly appreciated, please e-mail at address below.




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