Solved: configuration of 3Com/USR 5610 PCI modem

Solved: configuration of 3Com/USR 5610 PCI modem

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I've been reading in this forum for information
about getting my PCI modem to work under linux.  I
just wanted to say thanks for  all of the great
suggestions, particularly, messages from Klavs T.
Pedersen and Matt G. "Dances with Crows".  I'm
including the solution, in case others are also
having problems.


1.  Find the IRQ and base address for the modem:
cat /proc/pci

2. Find the entry for your modem, e.g.:
Bus  1, device   8, function  0:
Serial controller: Unknown vendor Unknown device(rev 1).
Vendor id=12b9. Device id=1008.
Medium devsel.  IRQ 10.
I/O at 0xecb8 [0xecb9].

3. Note the IRQ (in this case, 10) and base address (0xecb8)

4.  If you don't already have a /dev/ttyS4, make one with:
mknod -m 666 /dev/ttyS4 c 4 68

5. Now, configure the port with setserial (as root):
setserial /dev/ttyS4 irq 10 port 0xecb8 ^fourport ^auto_irq skip_test
autoconfig spd_vhi

6. Make a symbolic link to /dev/modem:
rm /dev/modem (if it exists already)
ln -s /dev/ttyS4 /dev/modem

7. To test this, start minicom.  If in the main screen, you can type
"AT" and have the modem respond "OK", then it is

8. Finally, add the command from step 5 to the end of
/etc/rc.d/rc.local, like so:

exec setserial /dev/ttyS4 irq 10 port 0xecb8 ...

9.  Save and restart, and you are ready to go!

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1. 3Com USR 5610 PCI Modem Problems

I am an absolute newbie to Linux.  Running Mandrake 6.0 (the one that came
with Maximum Linux last fall) in a dual-boot situation on a P233MMX.  I've
got just about everything working.  A background in IRIX has seemed to help
me some.  Linux runs so much faster on this old horse.  However, my modem is
giving me problems.

I originally had a winmodem and ditched it after reading the listings at
On that site they had listed the 3Com 3CP5610 as being "OK" for Linux.
Another entry on the Mandrake FAQ confirmed that, indeed, at least somebody
was able to make this work.  No me though....

I think the problem may stem from the fact that in Win95, the modem shows up
at Com5.  A check at 3Com confirmed this to be true and that it is not
changeable.  (This modem is jumperless)  They say that it will show up at
Com4 in other OS's but they don't include Linux in that list of "others."

I'm trying to use kppp and of course can only select com1-4 for my modem.
Has anyone else run into this before?  Is the answer right in front of my
eyes?  Any help would be appreciated.

Most humbly

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