GW2000 LMS/Phillips CM 206 CD and Linux need driver, help :<(

GW2000 LMS/Phillips CM 206 CD and Linux need driver, help :<(

Post by Compressor Contro » Wed, 22 Feb 1995 06:57:37

I just bought Walnut Creek CD Toolkit for Linux and found that

it does not support my LMS/Phillips CM 206 cd-rom, has anyone

used this drive or know where I can locate a driver for it.

All help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.



1. Driver for Philips LMS CM-206 CD?

I am in the process of installing LINUX onto what (was) my PC.

I bought a CD-ROM specifically to install LINUX from several months prior
to looking into the actual install.

I goofed.

I bought a Philips LMS CM-206 2x CD...the *one* Philips drive that does
not have a driver listed in the default setups...

Has one been developed that I can patch into a re-compiled Kernel, or
would it be easier to junk the drive and buy a different one to attach to
my Sound Blaster 16 (which already *is* supported in the kernel I am


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