Unable to Record Sound: RedHat 7.2 Kernel 2.4.7-10

Unable to Record Sound: RedHat 7.2 Kernel 2.4.7-10

Post by Meihua Lian » Sat, 25 May 2002 12:00:26

I'm running Redhat 7.2 Kernel 2.4.7-10, with a CMI8738  PCI-SX Sound card..

When attempting to use the gnome recorder I get a messagebox with the
"Sounddevice not ready! Please check that there isn't another program
running that's using the sounddevice."  I have been unable to find such a
program. Moreover, when running "fuser -v /dev/dsp" I get nothing.

When running the command line
"%dd bs=8k count=4 </dev/audio>sample.au"
no error is reported, and after a few seconds the sample.au file is created.
(4+0 records in 4+0 records out) However the upon playing the sample.au file
contains only silence.

Other au and wav files play properly (both from Harddisk and cdrom).

"dmesg" indicates that the sound card was detected during boot with no
apparent errors.

/sbin/lsmod gives (among some other extranous things)
cmpci 28816 1 (autoclean)
soundcore 4414 4 (autoclean)[cmpci]

My mic is a Telex m-60 (which has some gain) All connections have been
thoroughly checked.

Also "cat /dev/sndstat" returns "no such device".  Which is puzzling since I
am able to play files.

To install the drive I used the "sndconfig" program from the console mode.
It recognized the sound card and claimed to have installed it. (cmpci.o
lives under /lib/modules/2.4.7-10/kernel/drivers/sound.) I used the
"sndconfig" program because I was not able to use "make config", "make
xconfig" or "make menuconfig" as make could not find the rules to make any
of these targets. (As you might guess I'm new to this enviroment.)



1. ppp server problem with Redhat 7.2 Kernel 2.4.7-10

Please help me as soon as possible.My network in down for this reason!:(
I installed Linux Redhat 7.2(Kernel 2.4.7) and portslave under it for PPP
connection and so on.
I have configured portslave with out any problems.When I dialed to my Linux PPP
server, I authenticated successfully, even my remote radius server reported
that authenticating and accounting was successful.The problem start here:
Linux send a error message that PPP module not loaded or didn't compile with
Kernel try using modprobe -v ppp and ... ,finally disconnecting user.
I have ran /usr/local/sbin/pppd-radius by hand and got same error, then the
problem is here.But...
I have compiled PPP as module and configured my /etc/module.conf:
alias ppp ppp_async
alias /dev/ppp and ....
even I have compiled PPP in to the kernel.
Any way my problems is:
1.I have not ppp.o file(I think my problem is it)!
2.When I ran "depmod -a" then "lsmod" I can see that ppp_async.o and slhc.o
  is loaded, but pppd-radius could not be execute!
I have not compatibility problem: ppp-2.4.1.tar.gz which compatible with my kernel.
I have compiled kernel successfully and update my lilo and so on.It's mean I
have not compile problem.
Why ppp.o doesn't exist!
How can I solve this problem?Please

regards - K.N

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