Epox D3VA Dual proc Motherboard

Epox D3VA Dual proc Motherboard

Post by Trevor Jenkin » Sun, 02 Sep 2001 08:18:30

Local component stores around here seem to have lowish prices on the
EPOX D3VA dual-processor motherboard. (Lowish being about 2/3 the price
of other dual-proc boards.) Has anyone successfully used one of these
MBs or should I look to buy a more expensive one and save myself hassle
instead of money?

Regards, Trevor

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1. Got a VIA chipset SMP USB working great - Epox EP-D3VA motherboard

Just wanted to let folks know that this motherboard does work well
with my USB device (a Casio QV3000 with a IBM 340MB microdrive).
Thanks to all the folks who have posted in the last few months I
figured out that setting BIOS MPS option to 1.1 and using the append =
"noapic" option in lilo to the kernel is what does the trick.  I am
running the latest bios on the motherboard with Mandrake 8.1 (fully
patched).  Before making these changes, I was able to run it in
non-smp mode, but in smp mode I kept getting the -110 errors and the
interrupt count in /proc/interrupts never changed.



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