SCSI: MediaVision portable 2x CD-Rom w/SCSI card

SCSI: MediaVision portable 2x CD-Rom w/SCSI card

Post by Mark A. DeLou » Sat, 01 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Hello!  I was wondering if anyone has had any luck getting the MediaVision
2x portable CD-ROM drive with SCSI controller card to work on their Linux
system.  (Model MV-400.)
I spent a long time with their tech support yesterday, trying to get some
useful info from them about the I/O Port numbers for the SCSI card, but
they basically had no idea whatsoever.  And it's not in the user guide.
Has anyone had any luck?  I just basically can't get the SCSI card to
recognize.  It's a NCR 53c400-based card.  (And I've tried generic
5380 drivers to no avail.)

Thanks for any tips!
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I am trying to install the Slackware version 2.0 off of CD-ROM. When I try
to boot using the bootdisk made using \bootdsk0\scsi I get the
response below. It looks like Linux is recognizing the scsi interface and
the CD-ROM but the system just hangs ( with drive A still spinning ).

I am using the MediaVision MV-1000 PAS-16 sound card with SCSI interface to
the CDR-H93MV CD-ROM ( does anybody know who really makes the CD-ROM? )

scsi0: at 0x388 irq 10 options CAN_QUEUE=32 CMD_PER_LUN=2 release=1
       generic options AUTOPROBE_IRQ AUTOSENSE PSEUDO DMA generic release=4
scsi0: PRO AudioSpectrum - 16 SCSI
scsi: 1 hosts.
      Vendor: MEDIAVIS     Model: CDR-H93MV Rev 1.32
      Type: CD-ROM         ANSI SCSI revision: 02
Detected scsi CD-ROM sr0 at scsi0, id 1, lun 0
scsi0: resetting for second half of retries  <---- here is where it hangs!

I have seen some other posts that reference the boot command:
  linux max_scsi_luns=1 pas16=0x388,255
Will this help in my case? Thanks in advance for any help on this problem!

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