Diamond Stealth 2001 card

Diamond Stealth 2001 card

Post by Gregg Lupaczy » Thu, 19 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Anyone know where I can get a driver for a Diamond Stealth 2001 card? I'm
running Red Hat 2.1.3 (I know its old!) :).



1. Diamond Stealth 64 PCI 2001 card frame buffer problem

I've got my Diamond Stealth (Trio64 chipset) working pretty much alright, but
XF86 keeps saying "Local bus LAW is 0xF3000000 but linear fb not usable" and
"Can't use local bus framebuffer - linear access disabled".

X seems to run okay - I can change resolutions, colour depths etc...

The X server reports "option: diamond"
                     "chipset:  Trio64 rev 4.11"
                     "chipset driver: mmio_928"
                     "videoram: 2048k"
                     "Ramdac type: s3_trio64"
                     "Ramdac speed: 135"

Presumably the frame buffer should be used, but I've had a look through the man
pages and tried qite a few XF86Config options, and I'm still stuck.

Any help would be much appreciated,

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