Canon IXUS 300 / PS 300 with Linux?

Canon IXUS 300 / PS 300 with Linux?

Post by Tage V. Madse » Wed, 02 May 2001 05:10:02


Has anyone tried using the Canon IXUS 300 digital camera (I believe it
is the same as PowerShot 300 on the US market) with Linux? I know that
gPhoto ( supports IXUS, but I don't know if that includes
the newer IXUS 300?

Tage V. Madsen


1. K6 300,K6-2 300, mobile version for notebook/linux ?

K6 300,K6-2 300, mobile Version for notebook/linux ?

A few taiwain oem notebook producers are offering rather inexpensive notebooks
using a 300Mhz K6. Does anyone have experiences with a 300Mhz K6 notebook? Are
they using a mobile version of the K6 ? How stable are these notebooks. A dealer
told me that he had several K6 notebook running about 3h , then they are crashed
due to heat problems. How much power does a K6, K6-2, mobile K6, or if
existent a mobile K6-2 consume compared to a 200Mhz Pentium, 233/266
mobile Pentium or the 233/266 Pentium II used in notebooks ? Are there any
drawbacks using a K6 300Mhz running linux on a notebook ? Are there any
Super-7 (100MHZ bus speed) notebooks on the market ?



Please post and answer via email. Thanks !

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