Help with SupraExpress PnP

Help with SupraExpress PnP

Post by Luke Mendo » Sun, 16 Jun 1996 04:00:00

I am new at Linux and am trying to install a SupraExpress internal PnP
modem, but have no idea where to start. Need help. Please send also by
email because my newsserver does not pick up ALL the articles. Thank

Luke B. Mendoza -


1. PnP on SupraExpress 28.8i HELP! :)

hi, recenly my non plug and pray modem died leaving me with a 14.4 and a
28.8plugNpray - i tried using the isapnp tool but either i didnt do it
right.. or there is more to do than following the install steps and then
assigning /dev/modem to /dev/cua2. I grabbed the pnp4kernel tool.. do the
2 have to work togeather? or are they completely independant tools ?? any
help would be greatly appreciate.. all i wanna do is assign it to
/dev/cua2 so i can utilize it.. and WARM boot isnt an option.. i shed
myself of winblows and Micro$loth a long time ago :)

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