maxtor HDD's

maxtor HDD's

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Is this a problem with your HDD?
Yes. get a replacement came the first reply, not too helpful, maybe this

I once had a bank of four 1GB Maxtor HDD's, got them cheap, all four
failed, either in my system, or in friends who I passed them on to.

By contrast, old IBM drives I was using four years ago are still in
active service, as are older seagate and WD.

I now run an IBM SCSI 2GB, worth every penny, fast, silent, and

'With Windows 95, I have to reboot every couple of
hours, often have to restart after only a minor change
and can run Doom. With Linux, it doesn't crash, is a
mail server, ftp server, web server, has dial in and
out capabilities, and runs X Windows and plays Doom
at the same time. Why do you still run '95?'


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I've got two IDE HDDs: a Maxtor 7213A (213MB) and a Seagate ST114A (124MB)
which I would like to install correctly into my PC, perferably the Seagate
as the C: and the Maxtor as the D:.  The Seagate was pinched from an old
386SX, the Maxtor was (until recently) the only HDD in my 486DX/33.

My problem is this-- I'm unable to boot from the Maxtor, even when it's the
C drive, and configured correctly in the computer's CMOS settings.  I can
boot of either a DOS or Linux floppy, and use the drive with no problems.
I had created a small, bootable DOS partition on this drive (format /s C:)
prior to (sucessfully) installing Linux, and was unable to boot from the C

However, when I reinstall the Maxtor drive, change the CMOS it boots up OK.
The Seagate came from another machine where it was booting OK.

Could there be a jumper setting that I've missed here?  Can anyone supply
me with the jumper settings for either of these drives?

Thanks in advance,


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