XFree86 broke xdm?

XFree86 broke xdm?

Post by Chris Abajia » Mon, 07 Jun 1999 04:00:00

I was quite happy with my ($20) adaptec 1542 ISA scsi card until I ran into
a rather odd problem.  I seem to be hitting a limit of two devices!

I have

- a seagate dat, reliably available at /dev/st0
- a umax astra 1200S scanner, reliably available at /dev/scd0
- a ricoh cd-rw, moves around among /dev/sg*

the scanner is external, the other two internal.  the scanner works fine if ONE
of the other two is connected.  If  I try to use all three, they get recognized
by linux on boot but the scanner will NOT work.  in fact, scanimage -L will either
hang or coredump.  wierd.  Juggling the device numbers is no help at all, it just
moves around which device file linux ends up assigning it to.  I have tried several
combinations of IDs to no avail.  It just seems that the umax will not respond
properly if both the other devices are present.

I'm guessing this is a limitiation of the card, but the astra could just as well
be to blame.  Any experience with this, pointers from those versed in scsi lore?

please respond via email unless of general interest...

Chris Abajian


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Chris Abajian

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