100 Mbit ethernet or FDDI in linux?

100 Mbit ethernet or FDDI in linux?

Post by Lawrence Foa » Tue, 05 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Do any high speed ethernet or FDDI cards work under Linux? We
need to find some way of getting 100Mbits into a PC (of
course this would require, some non-ISA bus card).

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1. Linux Network down work with 1000 MBit Switch but with old 100 MBit Switch


I install an new Linux router for my private net at the moment.

OS: SuSE Linux 10.0 with XEN (Kernel 2.6.13-15.12-XEN)

Hardware: Allnet ALL8889 (1000 MBit switch), network card with RTL 8169
Chip (1000 MBit), Intel Xeon CPU, 768 MB RAM, 3ware SATA RAID,
100Mbit on board

1000 MBit network card eth1 an vif0.1 are bridged.
veth1 have an IP from the network on eth1
eth0 is the 100MBit on board network card

If I ping myself - it works.
But if I ping an other computer on the network, and I set MAC addresses
manually with arp, ping returns "destination host unreachable".
If I change my 1000MBit Switch against my old 100MBit Switch it works.
It is not possible that the new Switch is defect, because it works on my
old Linux router and all my clients.

I have no VLAN configured. On the new Linux Router the VLAN
kernel-module isn't loaded.

Thanks a lot



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