boot Linux from DVD-Ram

boot Linux from DVD-Ram

Post by Tobias Kine » Sun, 09 Jan 2005 04:16:37


does somebody know if it is possible to boot Linux from a DVD-RAM and
whats needs to be done to do so ?

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boot Linux from DVD-Ram

Post by Henrik Carlqvis » Sun, 09 Jan 2005 04:44:49

> does somebody know if it is possible to boot Linux from a DVD-RAM and
> whats needs to be done to do so ?

I have no experience from this myself as I haven't had any DVD-RAM to play
with. But if I understand things right those DVD-RAM discs look more like
a HD than a CD-ROM.

To boot from any device you will need some kind of support of this in the
BIOS. If your DVD-RAM drive is connected to a SCSI controller that
controller will need a BIOS which supports booting from SCSI disks. If you
have this you should go into your CMOS setup and change your boot order so
that your computer tries to boot from the SCSI card before it tries to
boot from your HD.

On the DVD-RAM you could probably install any Linux distribution, however,
be careful to choose a kernel with built in support for your SCSI card.

regards Henrik
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