Funai E2800UA CD-ROM?

Funai E2800UA CD-ROM?

Post by Sid Shafe » Tue, 12 Nov 1996 04:00:00

I'm build a new linux box and the only spare CD-ROM I have is a Funai
E2800UA.  Unfortunately I have no documentation and am a loss as to the
type of interface it uses and if it is in fact supported in linux.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, since I'm trying to do this
particular box on the cheap.



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I cannot make the drive E2800UA running in my PC under Linux (and DOS).
I got only the drive, no interface cards , manuals, etc.
The seller said that this drive should work on any CD-interface or soundblaster
card with an Panasonic interface. I only have a SPEA mediaFX, and it tried
to use the Matsushita port, but Linux didn't recognized it. Under DOS I
tried it with the drivers for the Matsushita port, but nothing.
I mailed to FUNAI and Creative Labs (they've got the license for the drivers),
and it seems that for DOS I have to get a driver specific to the drive AND
to the interface card. Thats the DOS problem.
But how can I get the CDROM work under Linux ? It is a proprietary drive,
and only double speed, but I don't need more.

Thansk in advance,

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