non-connected parallel zip drive makes system freeze

non-connected parallel zip drive makes system freeze

Post by Daniel Ridg » Thu, 16 Oct 1997 04:00:00


Use an automounter with an agressive unmount policy together with kerneld
to keep the module loaded only as often as it needs to be.


Quote:> When I disconnect my parallel port ZIP drive from a running
> PC (which happens quite often since my PC at work usually isn't
> switched off and I take the ZIP drive home every day) and I forget
> to 'rmmod ppa' and then access the ZIP drive (e.g. when I type
> 'fdisk /dev/sdb' instead of 'fdisk /dev/hdb'), the system hangs.
> (I use Linux 2.0.30.)

> IMHO, the ppa driver should allow for removal of the drive from a running
> computer (although you shouldn't do that, I know), i.e. after a reasonable
> delay of half a minute, it should
> notice that the drive is not connected and give up.

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1. parallel zip drive makes my system lock up!

Ok.  Here's the scoup:  I dl'd the latest ppa driver, followed the
mini-ZIP howto, recompiled the
kernel to include ZIP support as a module, and lp as a module,
re-installed the kernel.

I then unloaded the lp module, and insmod ppa

the output:

ppa:    Version 1.41
ppa:    Probing port 03BC
ppa:    Proging port 0378
ppa:        spp port present
ppa:    Found device at ID6, Attempting to use epp 32 bit
ppa:    Found device at ID6, attempting to use spp
ppa:    Communication established with ID 6 using spp
ppa:    Probing port 0278
scsi0:    Iomega parport ZIP drive
scsi:    1 host
Kernel panic:    scsi:    unsupported message byte 240 recieved

In swapper task - not syncing

My Computer was then locked up.
What the heck is going on, and how can I fix it?


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