Random hardware lockups....Help!

Random hardware lockups....Help!

Post by John Morri » Tue, 08 Dec 1998 04:00:00

I am using RedHat Linux 5.2 on an AMD K6 200 Machine with 128 MB DRAM
and a TX chipset.  The video card is a Diamond Stealth 2500 (AT24
chipset).  When running X, I get random hardware lock ups.  I cannot
pinpoint any program or hardware, but I think it may be the video card.
I have removed the extra memory (ie. brought it down to 64 MB) to see it
that was it...NO, it wasnt.  Please Help!!!



1. Random lockups - help!

I have a SMP RedHat 6.2 box set up as follows:

Abit BP6 with 2x Celeron 500 (not overclocked)
Voodoo 3 2000
6Gb Quantum Fireball (UDMA33)
10Gb Quantum Fireball (UDMA33)

I have NT4 installed on the 6Gb drive (primary drive), and RH6.2 (kernel
2.4.0test1) on the 10Gb drive (/dev/hdb). My problem is that Linux will
randomly hang without any errors being recorded/displayed, but 90% of the
time it will be while fscking /dev/hdb1 (which would need fscking after the
last hang!), nearly always at the same point (95.6%). If by some rare chance
the drive successfully fscks, and I get onto the login prompt (text only,
init state 3), it will often hang there within a few minutes. At present, my
record for uptime is about 5 hours!

On the other drive, the NT install just keeps on running. Now to my mind,
this would suggest a problem with the hard drive that Linux is installed on,
rather than a physical problem with other components, but surely fsck
wouldn't be brought down by that? After all, its supposed to work around
disk problems!

Any suggestions? Please?!

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