AHA-2920 SCSI adaptor

AHA-2920 SCSI adaptor

Post by Andrew A. Che » Tue, 25 Feb 1997 04:00:00

I got a AHA-2920 adapter in my system.  I havent installed linux yet,but i
would like to install it on a 1gb drive i have on that scsi adaptor.  I'm
not sure if anyone has drivers for it.  I also have a Jaz drive on that
controler.  If this controler is supported, do you know if the Jaz will
work with it?  If you know anyhting about this, please email me or post on
this newsgroup.  I would really appreciate it.  Thanks.



1. Support for Future Domain TMC-36C70 (Adaptec AHA-2920) SCSI Adapter?

Hi All,

We're moving from a Linux (RedHat 5.0) to a FreeBSD environment. At this
stage we're preparing our fbsd environment on a spare machine. Our
server have a Future Domain TMC-36C70 PCI SCSI adapter (similar to the
Adaptec AHA-2920 as I've read).

Does FreeBSD (esp. 2.2.7) support this SCSI Adapter? If not, will
it be hard to port Linux drivers to FreeBSD? Can someone do this?

I've read somewhere about experimental drivers for the 36C70 but cannot
find it at this time, suggestions where made to look in /xperimnt, where?

What SCSI adapters are suggested for FreeBSD use? Looking at 2.2.7 and

Thank a lot,

laurens van alphen   craxx web designers

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