advice on radio modems

advice on radio modems

Post by Joe Pfeiffe » Sat, 25 Apr 1998 04:00:00

I'm looking at putting a robot on the net here using radio.
Right now, the best combination of cost/features/ease seems to be
half-duplex radio modem, like the Abacom RTcom-RS232.  This is a
simple radio modem, which connects to an RS232 port with a 3-wire

So...  what can people advise me regarding protocols?  Will plain ol'
PPP work?  Can PPP end up holding the modem in transmit mode for a
long time, in this application?  The AX.25 HOWTO gives me the
impression that it wants to have a driver for your radio, which
is more than this approach needs.

So... where do I look for information?  What advice to people have?

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