Adaptec 7890 SCSI Controller

Adaptec 7890 SCSI Controller

Post by Bob Lyo » Fri, 05 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I just got a new Dell Precision 410 Workstation with an Adaptec
7890 ultra-scsi 2 controller for the hard disk.  I'd love to put
Linux on it (I've been using RedHat 5.0 on many of our other
machines) but of course it won't work. Can someone point in the
direction of what controller might be a good replacement (I have
a 9GB seagate ST19101W).  The machine also has an adaptec 7880
controller on the NEC CD-ROM drive (which is recognized by the
redhat installer).

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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1. Installing Linux with Adaptec 7890 SCSI controller.


I have bought myself a new Pentium II system that has an ASUS P2B-S
motherboard. This MB has an Adaptec AIC-7890 onboard SCSI controller.

I have been unsuccessful in getting Linux to detect the SCSI controller at
Also I have a Seagate 39102LW drive which is a Ultra2 Wide SCSI drive and I
am wondering if this will cause me problems.

I have been using Linux for many years now and have solved all the problems
I have come across, but this one has me stumped. On another computer I have
tried compiling a 2.0.34 version of the kernel with the aic7xxx driver and
using a floppy disk booted from the LILO prompt using the options
'aic7xxx=verbose,extended' but the controller still isn't detected.

I have read a few things about some newer patches for the adaptec
controllers but have so far been unsuccessful at locating them.

Any help would be appreciated.

try to check the responses on this news server as well, but it is very
likely that I could miss them.

Thank you.
Jim Barber.

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