Sound card on dell box with ISA Expansion card

Sound card on dell box with ISA Expansion card

Post by ccalz.. » Tue, 02 May 2000 04:00:00

Hi kids.  Trying to get my sound card working.  Any ideas would be
most appreciated.

The sound card doesn't plug directly into the motherboard.  Instead,
there is some kind of expansion card with three ISA-type slots that
the sound card plugs into.

The card is not PnP.

Through Windows NT, I cannot seem to determine the IRQ and like settings
for the card, although there is now a Yamaha control panel that tells me
that something (possibly the MP-401 device) is operating at IO=0x330h

Everything I've tried (various drivers, various IRQ/IO/DMA settings) get
me as far as getting all the base modules working (sound, soundcore,
uart401 or mpu401) but I can never get the final module to load (usually
opl3 or opl3sa that I've been playing with) ending up with a

    Device or Resource busy

Any ideas?
Christopher Calzonetti, Software Development Specialist
  Quarry Integrated Communications Inc., Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
  mailto:ccalzonetti at, phone:888.570.2020, fax:519.743.3053


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