Win2000 won't talk to my linux file server!

Win2000 won't talk to my linux file server!

Post by Thomas Oceguer » Wed, 03 Nov 1999 04:00:00

So this is the scoop,  I  have a Win2K RC3 test system up and running on
our office network.  The machine sees all the NTs and win98 boxes just
fine, it even sees the slackware file servers, it just wont access
them.  The error msg that I get is that the "remote procedure call
failed" .

We have the latest Samba server installed on the linux machines and
encrypted passwords are enabled as well.  I have telneted from the Win2K
box to the linux systems and all worked just as it should. After
changing the registry on the Win2K box to enable plaintext passwords
with no result, I'm at a loss as to what comes next.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and if there is any more
information needed please just ask.



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I'm fairly new to linux and to networking and I've put myself through a
crash course in setting up a small network with two Mandrake machine and 2
Ethernet cards.

Nearly everthing has worked so far.  Telnet, Ftp, IPMasqing (connection
sharing) apache intranet server etc. etc.  I just can't get talk to work.

I've read the how-tos, at least as far as the bit when it starts talking
about using talk to talk over the network and mine just won't.  I either
get, your party is not logged in or connection refused.

Both machines have xinetd, talk & talk server installed.

Any help or advice appreicated..

Paul Campbell

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