Yamaha CDR102 drive - scsi problems

Yamaha CDR102 drive - scsi problems

Post by Ben Hodso » Fri, 01 Aug 1997 04:00:00

Dear all,

I have the above mentioned CD-R drive. It works fine in a Dell XPS-90 as
the only device on a AHA-1542 SCSI host adaptor. I recently moved it
across to a Dell Optiplex 200 as the only device on the 8bit scsi chain
on the AHA-2940 host adaptor (The  4Gb HD is on the 16 bit UW chain).
The boot process stopped at the bit where the 2940 bios lists the
devices attached. It listed the HD, the CD-R and then stopped - for
about 90 secs before continuing. The second time I tried a reboot the
hard disk failed to read properly. Now the termination is correct as the
CD-R drive was simply a replacement for the CD-drive already in the
Optiplex :

Start :

------------         ------------         ------
| CD drive |---------| AHA-2940 |---------| HD |
------------         ------------         ------
Term on ID 5         Term auto ID-7        Term on ID 0

New :

--------------         ------------         ------
| CD-R drive |---------| AHA-2940 |---------| HD |
--------------         ------------         ------
Term on ID 4           Term auto ID-7       Term on ID 0

Its not really a linux problem as it hasnt even got that far yet. But I
have always found the linux people far more likely to talk sense than
certain other newsgroups !

Any ideas ?




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Alex Hristov

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