Compaq Armada 1700

Compaq Armada 1700

Post by Madeleine Wrigh » Fri, 16 Jun 2000 04:00:00

I know that this model is supposedly "dealt with " in the Linux for Laptops
webpage - but I haven't found those suggestions solve the problem!  I still
have jagged text!  When I tried importing the XFree text file that one
writer suggested, X windows wouldn't even run; and the alterations suggested
by the other contributor didn't make any difference.  Has anyone really
solved this problem of jagged text on this laptop??  Are you out there?!!

Madeleine Wright


1. Compaq Armada 1700

I recently installed linux on a new Compaq Armada 1700.  It is installed
and working.  However, two items will not work:


The floppy drive worked ok when installing, but I can't use the mtools
or mount a floppy disk with the device /dev/fd0.  Sound I don't have
a clue on.  sndconfig does not work.  Any help would be appreciated.
Please reply by email.

Steve Castillo

Electromagnetics Laboratory
New Mexico State University

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