Linux Pinnacle 50e PCTV USB2

Linux Pinnacle 50e PCTV USB2

Post by r.. » Fri, 27 Jan 2006 04:49:04

Fedore Core 3 kernel 2.6.10-1.770_FC3  with a Pinnacle 50e  PCTV's recognized by the em28xx driver.

T:  Bus=01 Lev=02 Prnt=02 Port=03 Cnt=02 Dev#=  5 Spd=12  MxCh= 0
D:  Ver= 2.00 Cls=00(>ifc ) Sub=00 Prot=00 MxPS=64 #Cfgs=  1
P:  Vendor=2304 ProdID=0208 Rev= 1.00
S:  Manufacturer=Pinnacle Systems GmbH
S:  Product=PCTV USB2 NTSC
I:  If#= 0 Alt= 0 #EPs= 3 Cls=ff(vend.) Sub=00 Prot=ff Driver=em28xx

modules are loaded:
em28xx                 46000  0
v4l1_compat            12292  1 em28xx
v4l2_common             7424  2 tuner,em28xx
ir_common              26756  1 em28xx
tveeprom               14360  1 em28xx
usbvision              68772  0
i2c_algo_usb            4612  1 usbvision
i2c_core               20801  7
videodev                9537  3 em28xx,pwc,usbvision

It's on /dev/video1....

I've tried xawtv, mplayer and tvtime.  All just give me a green screen.
 With tvtime I at least get what looks like a thick line of fuzz up top
on some channels.  I've tried the composite input with a vcr connected
as well and same thing...just a green screen.

Suggestions? Anyone? Anyone at all?


1. Pinnacle PCTV USB2 on Linux

Hi all,
I'm gathering this thing isn't very well supported under linux. Well I
got this USB-connected capture card for Christmas and I'm going to do
what it takes to get it going.

In the past, I've just waited for other folks to write support for
hardware, but I'm ready to contribute as opposed to waiting or even
asking for others to supply the support.

Problem is, I've never done this before.  I'd really appreciate some
information on how to get this going, or even pointed to some documents
on how to startup a movement to write this support.

Right now, I'm thinking the following steps must be completed:

1. Find out the chipset used
2. Find out if there is any current support for the chipset in Linux
3. Try to figure out what must be written into current support (if any)
4. Learn about writing drivers in Linux
5. Learn about video standards in Linux (V4L, etc)
6. Write it
7. Test it
8. Publish it

I've learned that the "Pinnacle PCTV USB" uses a different chipset, and
the "USB2" version looks like it has onboard MPEG2 encoding?

Help, I'm willing to do the work, but I want to do it right.  If you're
interested in joining my little movement, please email me.


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