How about Advansys SCSI controller card?

How about Advansys SCSI controller card?

Post by Fang » Wed, 27 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I have read a lot comments in this newsgroup on various SCSI
controller in Linux. How about the controller from Advansys? Say the
PCI-ABP920, ABP930 and the ABP940 controllers? I'm thinking of getting
one of these and would really appreciate I someone could share his/her
experience. Thanks.



1. Advansys 3925 SCSI controller

I am going to buy a SCSI controller for my linux box and the Advansys 3925
card has been offered to me.
I read the advansys.c file distributed with the 2.2.16 kernel and it says
this controller is supported.

I'd like to know if anybody out there has ever installed this card and how
it works.






My system is powered by Linux
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