RH 3.0.3, Kernel 2.0, ppp 2.2.0f hang up

RH 3.0.3, Kernel 2.0, ppp 2.2.0f hang up

Post by Javier Hernand » Thu, 08 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Hi All,
I would like to comment an extrange effect I have
observed in my laptop Compaq Aero.
I have 20MB RAM memory.
When I did installed Red Hat 3.0.3 and kernel 2.0
I did noticed that the 20MB RAM was not fully
recognize by the kernel so I did put a line to
loadlin at boot time. "mem=20M". With that line
the kernel will recognize the 20MB RAM but now
cames the problem:
always I put such line at boot time and I do
a PPP or SLIP connection after a while my laptop
is fully hang up (I have to switch it off and on to
continuing using it).
I will appreciate if anyone have any similar experience
or if someone could tell me to which person I should
address this problem.





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I've been having very bad and sporattic transfer rates with chat/ppp in
Slakware 3.0  (kernel 1.2.13, 1.3.100 and 2.0.0).   I've upgraded pppd
to 2.2.0f for the 1.3 100 kernel and for the 2.0.0 kernel.   (I went
back to 2.1.2d for each of these just to make sure.)  In netscape my
transfer rates run from 1.2k/second to 12BYTES/second and "stall" every
10 seconds or so. On the same system running windows95 or dos I get a
full 1.4k - 1.6k / second.  (14.4 modem)   Does anyone have any ideas as
to what oculd be causing this?

I've tried putting "spd_hi / spd_vhi " in my rc.serial.

My configs are at "http://www2.netdoor.com/~muligan/"  if someone could
take a look at them and give me a few pointers.



ps- please respond with email & posting.   I can't catch all the posted
responses because of this groups rather short life on my news server and
I know there are a few others with the same problem.  :)

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