NEC Versa M HD upgrade?

NEC Versa M HD upgrade?

Post by Rodney D. Van Meter II » Tue, 20 May 1997 04:00:00


Has anybody here upgraded the hard disk on their NEC Versa M/75 or
a similar machine?

I've looked through the Linux-laptop list, and most of the ones
cited there are newer machines than mine.

Mine currently has a 540 MB hard drive, which I want to upgrade
possibly to a 2.2GB drive.  Fry's has 2.5" 2.2GB notebook drives
for $329, which is a great price.  In "Mobile Computing", they're
more like $469 for generic drives, $849(!) if the ad explicitly
mentions Versa M.


1) any mechanical problems with just disassembling the drive
carrier I've got and reusing it?
2) any special BIOS/Linux/windows gotchas on this machine for
larger drives, beyond needing a boot partition in the first
500MB or so?
3) special formatting or anything required?
4) why are the Versa-specific drives so damn expensive?

Thanks for any pointers,





1. Linux on Ultralite Versa w/ HD upgrade, no LBA?

System: 486SL NEC Ultralite Versa (33 Mhz) w/ 12 Mb RAM and 180 Mb HD
Background: I'm looking to upgrade my HD with a 2.5" IDE 1.3 Gb disk.
            The BIOS only supports drives up to 512 Mb; however, I have
            seen Simple Technology drives up to 2.1 Gb that are supposed
            to work on the Ultralite Versa using Ontrack Disk Manager.
1. If I try to install the 1.3 Gb drive, will I see 512 Mb in DOS? Or,
   since the BIOS doesn't support large disks, would nothing appear?
   I would prefer to use a bare 2.5" drive (~$230) to the Simple Tech
   drive ($430) that includes OnTrack Disk Manager.

2. If yes to the 512 Mb in DOS, then could I then install Linux in
   the higher partition? I had read somewhere that Linux doesn't use
   the BIOS to access the disk--is this true?

Thanks much for your help!


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