Please recommend: Scanner for Linux

Please recommend: Scanner for Linux

Post by B. James Phillipp » Sat, 05 Aug 1995 04:00:00


        I'm doing a little graphic art/web page maintenance for a small
but growing group of people.  I will desperately be needing a scanner that
will work under Linux.  Please mail me your advice, and some info on the
scanner you would recommend.  I'm looking for a hand held scanner: can't
afford a flatbed.  Thank you very much!

-B. James Phillippe

Valued Client Since 1.1.59                        


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        I am starting to offer web page administration to a group of
authors in my local area.  Of course, I am doing all of my own work under
the fabulous Linux OS and am quite pleased with the tools available.  
One of the most frequent requests which I will be receiving from my
clients, is to have their book covers put on-line.  Rather then refer
them to AlphaGraphx for $20 a scan, I would prefer to do the work
myself.  What I am looking for:

A HAND HELD SCANNER, as CHEAP as possible.
It must be able to scan in both greyscale and color,
with resolutions from 100 to 400dpi (I don't need higher).
It needn't do OCR.  It should have very high color capacity.

I would *like* to be able to scan directly into some window in X, for
on-the-fly editting/retouching.  I have heard good things about the HP
scanners, and have seen drivers for them on sunsite.  What would you
recomment I purchase?  Thank you very much!!

-B. James Phillippe

Valued Client Since 1.1.59                        

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