Magneto-optical Drives

Magneto-optical Drives

Post by Marcia Rie » Sat, 02 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I want to set up a system of Linux boxes which
will have to exchange a lot of data with Suns
running Solaris. One possiblity is to use
magneto-optical drives such as ones from ArteCon
or Pinnacle Micro. Does any one have experience
with these running under Linux? Would the Linux
and Solaris file systems be compatible?
Marcia Rieke

1. Magneto-optical drive as file system

I have a Fujitsu Dynam magneto-optical drive.  I've been able to mount a diskette
written under DOS by using the mount command with the options

   -t msdos

But I'd like to set up one of the disks as a Linux file system.  How can I do that?
(I assume there are two steps: first format the disk "properly", then create the file
system on it.)

Paul Abrahams

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