Werid RH 5.2/Qt/DHCP problem

Werid RH 5.2/Qt/DHCP problem

Post by Lou Grin » Mon, 26 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I ran into a very strange problem with a new RH 5.2
installation yesterday that I'm still trying to
figure out.  I've run RH 5.1 + Qt 1.42 + DHCP
on another system, so I can't see what the problem
is.  The details:

Install RH 5.2 on a bare drive, set up DHCP (which
I have to use for unrealted reasons), all works fine,
including networking.

Add Qt 1.42, and the system will hang for approx.
1 min. and 20 seconds at two spots--just after
starting DHCP, and when starting sendmail.  The
boot finishes, but networking is disabled.

If I uninstall Qt 1.42, the boot delays disappear and
the networking works again.

Since I need Qt 1.42 to run KDE, this is a pretty
serious problem.

Suggestions, anyone?



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i just installed RH linux 5.2 and everything worked great. DHCP passed
and i was able to access the Internet. i was a happy man...until i
rebooted my machine.

after the reboot i started seeing these error messages...

Using DHCP for eth0 ... failed

eth0: Host error, FIFO diagnostic register ffff.
eth0: Too much work in interrupt, status ffff. Temporarily disabling

why would DHCP work after the initial install then subsequently fail?
and does anyone have any suggestions? i've been pouring the DHCP
mini-howto and none of the suggestions there have helped.




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