RAM-parity vs non-parity

RAM-parity vs non-parity

Post by Johnathan Ch » Fri, 31 May 1996 04:00:00

I'm posting to ask if XFree86 works with non-parity RAM.
I'm running Linux on an AMD486/DX4 120MHz BioStar Motherboard
with a generic Graphics accelerator with the OTI-087 Chipset
When I run X with 8M of Parity Ram and 16M swap, it runs fine
albeit very slowly! I recently installed 16M of non-parity 60ns
RAM, and X just gives me a black screen. I tried just using
the 16M non-parity RAM by itself in different RAM Slots, but got
the same behavior. The Hardware-Howto says nothing about
Parity vs. Non-parity RAM and usage with X. I am running Slackware 3.0
(From Linux Unleashed, 2nd Ed.) and XFree86 3.1.2
Is there something in the XF86Config file that I have to set?
I have already set the BIOS options for "parity check" DISABLED,
and as I stated again, the 8M parity RAM by itself seems to work
fine, so I assumed that because the only difference in the 72pin
Memory modules were the parity/non-parity characteristic, this must
have been the problem. Before I return the SIMMs, could somebody
inform me if this should make a difference?

Thanks in advance,

John C.


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I acquired the FreeBSD book from Walnut Creek with 2.1.5 on a CD set. I'm about to build a box to install it in,  
and while reading the book, ran across a discussion on the various mother boards to consider. The issue that I'm  
currently concerned about has to do with the parity issue. The new mother boards seem to prefer non-parity ram  
(which makes absoultely _no_ sense to me, $ aside), but also employ alot of "new" variations of RAM, such as EDO,  
etc. Once upon a time I could keep with these variations, but not anymore. Could someone please bring me up to  
speed on the stability of FreeBSD in a non-parity system, and how these other RAM solutions fit into the picture?

I hope this is not too far off topic for this group....


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