TCP/IP over Frame Relay

TCP/IP over Frame Relay

Post by Kevin Cheven » Thu, 25 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Hi all

I'm considering "jumping ship" from Interactive UNIX SVR4, which I have
currently running on Pentium based test environment (Tekelec Chameleon),
to a more "interesting" OS, namely Linux.

I know all of you will say "Do it, do it, just dooo it."

But I need to know if the this change of direction will take me to where
I want to go. Given that I'm going nowhere with Interactive UNIX.

The problem is I have been given is to produce a test environment to
enable functionality validation of a piece of telecoms hardware.
The main features are that it must

1. Allow an app to talk via TCP/IP over the Frame Relay.
2. Allow the same app to talk directly over the Frame Relay,
different DLCI's.
3. Receive data/config etc over an normal LAN connection.

The problems are with features 1 & 2.
The current proposed solution is to write a device driver for Linux
which would be "attached" to the bottom of the TCP/IP stack.

From this DD the TCP/IP packets could then be sent directly to an
interface card.

There are 2 schools of thought as to the structure of the device drive
1. Make it look like a standard ethernet card.
2. Make it look like a tty driver and use slip to make the link from the
bottom of the TCP/IP stack to the driver.

The app would also connect directly to this DD.

My question are:
Does anyone have any experience on similar requirements?
Does anyone know of any HDLC card with X21 connection for the Frame
Relay link and suitable Linux Support?

As I'm a "New kid on the block!" please forgive if this is not the
right place for this request.

Kevin Chevens


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