BOCA BB2016 and possible IRQ problems

BOCA BB2016 and possible IRQ problems

Post by Mark Smi » Thu, 20 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I've got two 486DX2-66MHz machines here, both running nearly identical
setups.  They both have a Buslogic VLB SCSI controller, Orchid Kelvin VLB
video board, two 3c509 ethernet cards, 32MGs of RAM, and at least one
Boca Board in each.

On one machine (gothic), I've got two Boca Boards working flawlessly.  
(I had to modify the kernel to work with two boca boards.)  All 16 ports
come up without a glitch.  

On the other (sci-fi), I've only got one Boca installed.  The kernel
boots up fine, notices the serial ports on boot (ttyS16-ttyS31) fine.
But when I try and run anything on the port, it's REALLY S..L..O..W..
It prints 16 characters, waits about ten seconds, prints another 16
characters, waits another ten seconds, prints another 16 characters,
etc etc etc.  It takes about 15 minutes for it to print up a single
gopher menu.  This seems to me to look like an IRQ conflict, but I've
checked to make sure that nothing is doubeling up at all.. (SCSI=11,
BOCA=15, eth0=10, eth1=12, Video=6(?), Floppy=whatever the floppy IRQ

Gothic and sci-fi are running the same kernel.  Infact, almost everything
is the same on both machines except the size of RAM, devices on the
SCSI chain (sci-fi has a Tape and CD-ROM), and the number of Boca Boards.
The only other differences lay in the software setup of the two drives.
So, to eliminate any posibility of hardware problems, I brought gothic's
hard drive to sci-fi and booted up sci-fi's hardware with gothic's
software.  It worked fine.  

        This shows me that it's something I have setup SOMEWHERE in

        I'm not running rc.serial on either machine.  The kernel is
the same.  The only difference in software that has ANYTHING to do with
the serial ports is that I'm running gmp on sci-fi and not on gothic.
But when I kill that, it still happens.

        I'm just wondering if anyone else has seen this problem and knows
how to fix it?  I've been banging my head against a wall trying to
figure out what the problem is.  Any help would be GREATLY appricated!

        Mark Smith
        PolyCat Support


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The 2016 is fine.  The 4 and 8 aren't because they don't bring
out Carrier Detect, which makes them ok for terminals or
printers but not modems.  The 2016 brings out all appropriate

On the downside, the 2016 uses an oddball 10-pin RJ-45 connector
for the RS-232 connection to the modems.  It is similar to, but
NOT the same as, the 8-pin one used for 10baseT.  These are
really hard to find, as is the flat 10-wire cable to go with.
Boca makes an adapter box for about $80 or so, or they will
cheerfully sell you some cables <g>.

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