Hardware req for linux (redhat 5.1/5.0)

Hardware req for linux (redhat 5.1/5.0)

Post by tally_jo.. » Wed, 01 Jul 1998 04:00:00

i am buying a comp from sale.....a 486.
so what should be the typical req fro the hard disk and memory of computer.
and since i am buying in sale i would have to get a monitor separately. so any
issues to consider when i would be searching around fro the drivers.

please send me your suggestions directly or a cc to me as i don't have access to
this newsgroup.
any suggestions where i can get a B&W monitor.
thanks....and please feel free to email me your comments. see i would be using
this computer for testing only....so that's why a 486.



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list. do you have any suggestion to fix this problem.

Thank you.


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