installing RH on IBM Aptiva series

installing RH on IBM Aptiva series

Post by Michae » Sun, 19 Sep 1999 04:00:00

Other than the MWAVE sound/modem card, is anyone aware of any problems
installing Red Hat Linux 6.0 on the IBM Aptiva series of computers?



1. IBM Aptiva Install Help for RH 5.1

Hello all...has anyone had any experience installing RH 5.1 on an IBM
Aptiva 2139-SE7?  I just bought the machine recently and cannot handle
Win98.  I have to get rid of Win98 but I'm not sure if I can get support
for this machine.
The machine is a PII 450MMX
16 GB HD
Internal Lucent Technologies Modem
Adaptec 2920 SCSI card
ATI RAGE 4MB Video card (on the motherboard)

Please CC me on any replies...

Thank you me from Win98!!


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