SIIG Dash 28.8 modem

SIIG Dash 28.8 modem

Post by Brian Fulle » Fri, 23 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Has any one any info on intermittent problems with the above modem?
Sometimes it works fine and other times it just wont hook up to the Net


1. EQL between 1 28.8 Modem and 1 128K ISDN Modem

 My school (Germantown Friends School, is trying to
increase our bandwidth to the net. I was wondering if it was possible to
have 1 28.8 modem up 24/7 (on our registered ip) and another ISDN line up
either only when we had enough bandwidth for it to be needed, or during
peek hours.

My questions are:

1.      Is it possible to use EQL to bond a 28.8 modem link and a ISDN
link? I realize that EQL will basicly ignore the 28.8, but the main
reason we want to do this is so we can bring the ISDN line up only when
needed, and not cut off access while we are turning it on. Both ends are
running Linux.  (and both will have EQL in the kernel)

2.      If it is possible to use EQL with a 28.8 modem and an ISDN modem,
is it possible to see if all the possible bandwidth is being used on the
28.8 line, and if it is add the ISDN line?

The reason we want to do something like this is, because we have found a
provider that charges $35/month for ISDN "dial-up" and $630/month for
"dedicated ISDN."  They have stated that "if it is physically possible to
bond a 28.8 line and an ISDN line we will allow you to use a 'ISDN when
needed' setup. (which will save us ~$500)

    Ethan Sommer
     GFSNet Co-Administrator and Germantown Friends School student.


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