Help on XScale Intel IQ80310 Eval Board

Help on XScale Intel IQ80310 Eval Board

Post by Ahme » Wed, 22 May 2002 09:14:52


I have a few questions for folks working with the Intel IQ80310 Eval
board for the XScale chip:

1. How can I load a running version of Linux onto the XScale chip
2. Where can I get the linux version for this board. If there is no
such kernel, do I need to build one myself?

Thanks in advance,


1. Flashing the IQ80310 XScale board.


I am using the IQ80310 XScale development board from Intel.  I am
using the Monta Vista BSP release for this board.  I am trying to
flash it using the FRU utility provided by Intel with 'redboot.bin'
file provided by Monta Vista (which they claim should be used with
their kernel).  After filling in all the relevant fields in the FRU
window, and upon pressing "Download file" button, I get the following

" Input file size exceeds maximum flash size"

I am wondering how can this be when the file is about 200k, and the
flash is 8 MB.  Has anyone seen this error? Do I need an updated FRU

A slightly side quesiton: Why does Monta Vista require a redboot to be
flashed onto the board?  Can someone point me to src files which
needed to be changed for MV linux to be booted.

Thanks in advance,

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