COM Port setting:USR 56k Sportster Modem Initialization

COM Port setting:USR 56k Sportster Modem Initialization

Post by Yns » Wed, 17 May 2000 04:00:00


I hope someone can help, as I'm running out of resources
to help myself.....

My Problem:
    I cannot get my external modem to work under linux.
    wvdial reports that it can locate my modem, but cannot
    initialize it.

My spec:
    External USR Sportster 56K v90 Modem (x2 compatible)
    Pentium P75 48 Mb Ram

How it is connected:
    It is connected to COM 1, I think, the label on the back of
    my machine to which it is connected to says something like
    there is also another serial port labeled '010101-2'.

I've tried:
    setting jumper switches 3,7,8 down.

    3 -- Display result codes
    7 -- Load factory defaults
    8 -- Smart mode

    I also tried the following Initialisation string: AT&F&H1&R2

    (the above was advice from the 3com website on how to set up the
    modem for unix-like machines).

    When I do wvdial - it can locate the modem but cannot initialise it.


Another note, when I phoned the 3com helpline, they advised that
the modem will work on linux but I need to set the following:

    Databits : 8
    Parity : None
    Stopbits : 1
    Flow Control : Hardware

I've read all the info I have on these, but do not know how to
set them (I did a grep on my HOWTO directory for the docs).

Any advice will be gratefully received, I'm getting in a desparate
situation now .....


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COM Port setting:USR 56k Sportster Modem Initialization

Post by mike » Wed, 17 May 2000 04:00:00

    there could be many issues. Just for starters. I would use COM2
as the mouse port is usually on COM1. It could, of course, be
different on your machine.
   If all that you are concerned about is modem initialization,
you can actually program that into the modem so that it would
automatically be initialized when you turn it on.
   I am not exactly sure what your problem is. Have you
tried to use it in minicom? That is a good test of the modems
function. You can try to dial up some provider and log in or
just watch the login.
  There could also be issues of the computers bios. My mother
board has a bios that allows you to change the COM port
configuration settings. It was once an issue for me because
there was a conflict between my internal modem and one of
the COM ports on the motherboard. My motherboard has
two built in COM ports that can be assigned to any COM numbers.
One was assigned to COM1 the mouse in Windows and the other
was assigned to COM2. My internal modem, which has a built
in COM port had also been jumpered for COM2. There was
the port conflict and the modem wouldn't work. All I had to do
was to go into my bios and disable the COM2 port and all
was working well after that.
   If you have DOS or Windows you can test the modem with
communication programs. In Win95 I use "hyperterminal".
You can see the lights flash and you can use some modem
commands to get it to do some tricks to validate its operation.
  In minicom or hyperterminal or other comm program,
atdt will cause the modem to dial a telephone number eg:
atdt1234567 will dial 1234567.
ath0 will hang up the modem.
atz will cause the modem to reset itself to do a power on reset.
the modem will respond with an OK. It does that if it understands
atf will tell the modem to reset to the factory default settings.
   There are lots of commands and you can find them if you need
them in your manual or on line.
   Certain initialization functions are important: &c1 &d2 for
handshake. E1 for echo X4 and Q1 and mabe V1. Usually
the modem should give verbose feedback of how it connects
and that it looks for a dialtone. I forget all the commands I can
get what I use if necessary.



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