Adaptec 1542 and SCSI reset?

Adaptec 1542 and SCSI reset?

Post by Allan Cru » Tue, 27 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I have successfully been using my Adaptec 1542 and Maxtor LXT535SY drive
on my old 386sx for a year now, and am trying to upgrade my system.

I went out and bought a cheap 486-DX4100 (AMD) from my local computer
store. After booting with boot and root-disk, I seem to randomly get the
following message:

SCSI 0 resetting for second half of retries

.. and then my machine becomes unusable.

This seems to happen when disk access is going on. (Perhaps when I go into
setup and try to setup the primary disk..) Any idea why this might be
happening?  At first, I thought it might be an IRQ problem, but I've
confirmed that this is not so.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Please reply via e-mail.

Allan Crump


1. SCSI AHA 1542: bus device reset timeout?

Hello, I have been having problems with a Adaptech 1542 controler and Fujitsu
drive reciently.  I have had the same controler and a different drive working
ine for several years until several months ago.  I've been trying to isolate
the error and I was wondering if any of you have had experience with something
like this:

Almost randomly when I run programs pine, latex, or ispell, I get the following
timeout error scrolling across my console.  Reciently, I turned verbose SCSI
error reporting on and all it did was add a "Read(6) 18 ed 46 98 00" after
the "lun 0".

scsi : aborting command due to timeout : pid 176584, scsi0, channel 0, id 0, lun 0 0x08 id 33 94 98 00
SCSI host 0 abort (pid 176584) timedout-resetting
SCSI bus is being reset for host 0 channel 0
Sent BUS DEVICE RESET to target 0
Sending DID_RESET for target 0
Sending DID_RESET for target 0
Sending DID_RESET for target 0
Sending DID_RESET for target 0
Sending DID_RESET for target 0
Sending DID_RESET for target 0
Sending DID_RESET for target 0
Sending DID_RESET for target 0

Anyway, I'm not sure if my hardware is flaking out or if I'm having problems
with software as when this problem started, I had just changed hardware
configurations AND installed a new kernel and linux distribution.  I don'tr
mind mucking with the driver code if there is something I can do to make it
at least more graceful when it crashes like this.  As it is, when this
happens I have to do a hard reboot and wait for fsck to fix the drive errors.  
I have tried running badblocks on my drive and it doesn't seem to do anything.

Any clues?  Thanks in advance.


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