Driver for AHA2940W PCI SCSI controller

Driver for AHA2940W PCI SCSI controller

Post by u.. » Tue, 19 Sep 1995 04:00:00

        Does anyone know of an exieting linux driver for the AHA2940W,
ADaptec's fast wide PCI adapter.  All efforts to get it to work with
the drivers for the AHA2940 have failed.  It was also discovered that
the chipset on this card differs from the AHA2940...
Any advise?

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My system contains two Adaptec SCSI-PCI-controllers, the AHA 2940W (Bios
1.16) and the AHA 2940 (Bios 1.21). When Linux is booting only the
AHA2940W is recognized by the kernel, but the boot device is linked to
the AHA2940. When removing the AHA2940W from the system the kernel has no
problems to recognize the AHA2940 and its devices.

Who can help???

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