Adaptec AVA1505

Adaptec AVA1505

Post by Richard Froehni » Tue, 17 Oct 1995 04:00:00

I want to get access to my NEC2x-CDRom-Drive with Linux with an
Adaptec AVA1505. I recompiled the kernel, but there was no option
for this controller. Will there be a driver for this controller in
near future, or can I use a different one (I tried every Adaptec-controller)
but it was not found at all.



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OK, so I am using Slackware3.1 and have tried scsi.s, bare.i and a few
others as bootdsks and only get my ava1505 scsi card to be found with
a kernel of 1.xx.xx from slackware 3.0 abare.i disk as opposed to
using a later kernel of 2.0.18 with the slackware 3.1 disk set? Can
anyone out there please help!!



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