Anyone using a SB 16 MCD?

Anyone using a SB 16 MCD?

Post by Dave Murre » Thu, 21 Mar 1996 04:00:00

I am having trouble getting the sound driver v 2.90 to work with a
SB16 that I have in my Linux box.  It is jumperless in regard to the
SB portion of the card, that is there are jumpers for the CD ROM
controller portion but none for the SB IRQ, DMA etc.

Has anyone successfully installed one?  Thanks for your help!


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I am having trouble with linux 1.2.13 elf kernel recognizing my Mitsumi
CD-Rom...  I have a Mitsumi Double Spin drive hooked up to a SB-16
Multi-CD card...  The kernel keeps looking for the CD at 10,0x300, but it
is at 11,0x340, I believe, where do I tell the kernel to look for it there?

Private e-mail please, this news group is too big for my news reader to handle

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