ComByte Doubleplay floppy/QIC-80 Drive Question

ComByte Doubleplay floppy/QIC-80 Drive Question

Post by Dick Orgas » Tue, 26 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I'm embarrassed to say that I purchased a piece of hardware without
checking for Linux support.  I'm hoping that members of this list will
be willing to help me out of my silly problem.

The device I purchased is a combination 3.5" floppy drive and QIC-80
tape drive.  The tape will go up to 425 MB and the floppy spec is a 500
KB/s transfer rate.

My OS/2 Warp system recognizes the floppy drive and can read, write and
format floppies in it.  There is no software for the tape drive so I'm
not surprised at this part of the problem.

My Linux system, however, does not recognize the floppy drive, reporting
"No such device" when I try to read or write it with tar or mount it as
a dos file system.

My Linux kernel is a fairly old 1.1.54 kernel that I built to match the
hardware on my system and has served me quite well.  I've been planning
to install a new system when the new ELF code is a bit more stable, but
I'm willing to upgrade sooner if necessary.

Is there a specific level of kernel that I need to support such hardware
or is it still unsupported?  I'll be happy to acquire and/or build an
appropriate kernel.  Any answers would be most appreciated.

I'd appreciate answers to the group with an e-mail copy to me as my site
sometimes purges the group before I get to reading it.

Many thanks for your help!